Processing Solutions

Valor POS Software Features

Virtual Terminal & E-commerce

  • An All In One Virtual Terminal, Gateway, and Mobile App
  • Card Numbers Tokenized and Stored for Future Transactions
  • Set Up Recurring Payments
  • Email and SMS Invoicing
  • Cash Discount / Surcharging Features Available
  • Level 2 and Level 3 Payment Options
  • Dynamic Descriptor Improves Transaction Descriptions on Customer Bank Statements
  • Inventory Management
  • E-Commerce Integrations with OpenCart and WooCommerce
  • Easy to Use Mobile App Available on IOS and Android

Special Features

  • Built-In Marketing & Promotional Tools
    • Engage my Customer Feature Allows you to Identify Customers Based on Customizable Filters like VIP Customers, Number of Visits, Shopping Patterns, etc
    • Easily Add Promotional Messages and Images (SMS & Email only) to your Receipts to Encourage Customers to Return to your Business
    • SMS, Email & Paper Receipt Marketing
  • Remote Key Injection
    • Automatically Perform Key Injection At Point of Sale
    • Intuitive Cloud-Based Boarding allows Merchant to enter EPI on Device and Terminal is Ready to Use
    • Quickly Troubleshoot Issues With Limited Involvement from the Merchant
    • Reduce Unneeded Terminal Swaps
    • Remote Diagnostics
    • ISO’s Key Injections
    • Instant Deployment
  • Valor Shield – The Valor Shield Adds an Additional Level of Transaction Security, Helping to Prevent Unwanted, Problematic Transactions. Using Valor Shield ISO’s can:
    • Prevent:
    • International Card Transactions & Card Phishing
    • Set Limits:
    • Max Transaction, Daily Transaction Volume, Monthly Transaction Volume, & Max Refund Amount
  • 4) Integrate Using Valor Connect – Full Control on POS!
    • VALORPAY POS Integration application will work only in ETHERNET and WIFI Terminals.
    • Faster communication using TCP and WebSocket.
    • Sale, Auth, Return, Void, Tip Adjust, Ticket, Settlement & Reprint can be initiated from Client-Server.
    • VALORPAY POS will send the acknowledgment first after receiving every request from the client for all transactions.
    • VALORPAY POS will send the original response followed by an acknowledgment.
    • App Upgrade and parameter changes can be done from POS.

Cloud Services

  • Valor Portal
    • Access from Anywhere in The World and Perform Sales, Voids, Refunds, and Tip Adjusts
    • Build Customer Database Automatically
    • Real-Time Risk Monitoring with Valor Shield
    • Customer Receipt and Signature Storage for 24 Months to Fight Chargebacks
    • Fastest Boarding and Deployment in The Industry
    • Engage My Customer – Built-In Marketing Tool to Communicate with Customer Base
    • Digital and Paper Receipt Advertisement
  • Cloud-Based Benefits
    • Storing our Program and Transactions in the Cloud Allows Valor Terminals to Process Smoothly Without Crashing or Tampering due to Overwhelming the Device with Locally Stored Data & Files
    • Merchant Receipts get Stored in our Cloud for 24 Months. This Allows Merchants to Easily Access their Receipts upon Customer Request or in the Case of a Chargeback
    • Merchants can Batch Remotely, Avoiding all of the Problems Related to Lost Batches from Damaged Terminals

Valor Store- Earn more while you can

  • Turn your point of sale terminal into a powerful business tool
  • Value-added apps to improve sales and increase customer loyalty
  • Easy approval and distribution of apps